Why The Oceanna

Hotel Apartments

  • Growing need for comfort of hotel apartment
  • Apartment serves as investment while away
  • A seamless transition of the standard of living abroad to Nigeria without breaking the bank
  • Valet Laundry
  • Like the hotel, there’s no yard to maintain, no lawn to mow, no weeds to pull, no bushes and trees to prune

A Community For Icons

  • The OCEANNA is a global icon that is both a model for the future and an embodiment of reference that reflects a modern community it is designed to serve
  • Best professional synergy in the world – The OCEANNA is a result of collaboration of renowned experts from around the world e.g. Cappa D’Alberto a foremost global contractors, ‘builders to the Nation since 1932’. HOK is the world largest U.S.-based architecture firm (Dubai Marina). ECAD, one of Nigeria’s foremost architecture firm. Brash Brands, a truly global branding agency with operations in London, Singapore, Dubai  etc., they branded the Burj Khalifa, Rolex etc.

Water Front

  • Rewarding investment- excellent re-sale value with high rental value.  The scarcity of waterfront properties allows it to retain value over a longer period as compared to properties in the city hub
  • Health benefits, breathe of fresh air with nothing but absolute nature around has a great effect on health, mood, and well-being
  • Safety – Waterfront living allows residents to feel safe and peaceful
  • Saves you money – By living on the waterfront, you do not have to plan to go on expensive trips to have relaxation, you can go on a fun escapade, go on a long walk/ run or even have a family picnic along the waterfront

ECO – Friendly

  • Economic Benefits
  • Water and Energy Efficiency
  • Higher Property Value

Social Benefits

  • Natural lighting
  • Highly-improved air quality
  • Natural temperature regulation
  • Healthy indoor environment

Environmental Benefits

  • Significant Waste Reduction
  • Water Conservation
  • Lower Carbon footprints
  • Reduced chemical emissions

Be The Start

  • Here, celebrities & business mogul live, work, and play just like a California beach where you see a Brad Pitt, Scarlett Johansson or Oprah Winfrey shopping for fresh produce at a star-magnet grocery store. It really does happen here at The OCEANNA
  • The OCEANNA like Los Angeles is the centre of it all, drawing the biggest names in the country. You’re welcome to wait outside or stroll in if you’re a BFF of Beyoncé
  • Eat, Shop, Dine and Play among the game changers of The OCEANNA, Nigeria’s top celebrity hangouts. Now… just act natural and sit in the lobby – you’re bound to spot a few billionaires on their way in or out of the OCEANNA

A Branded Edifice

  • It becomes a benchmark for luxury living
  • Brings significant attention to its owner and location and as a tourist destination it enhances its reputation as a location for business. It also showcased the attractive lifestyle of this part of the world and bolstered its economy
  • Branded buildings are unique they provide identity for a city, and sometimes a country
  • It makes overall development highly profitable
  • It represent a meaningful step forward and a symbol of success and optimism for the future. It becomes a symbol of pride