Imagine a place where the air is Wild and Free, a little haven built just for you.

The Oceanna, an icon of the future

About The Oceanna

The Oceanna is a revolution that Nigeria wants – a modern mixed-use development of commercial and residential resort in Lagos that befits the country’s ambitious vision. It is an icon of the future. Architecturally inspired by the sculpted beauty of seashells, which punctuate the shores of Victoria Island, as well as the artful personality of colonial houses of Ikoyi – The Oceanna is a conglomeration of man-made innovation and organic, natural beauty displayed in luxury apartments in Lagos.

The Oceanna is a Beauty set to redefine the skyline of Lagos State. Situated on Water Corporation Drive, off Ligali Ayorinde, Victoria Island, the resort consists of 4 towers (2 mixed-use and 2 residential blocks of Lagos luxury homes in the first phase of the project).

These towers are called The Oceanna Cerulean, The Oceanna Indigo, The Oceanna Aqua and The Oceanna Azure.
With specially designed residences, unique offices, luxury retail and boundless recreation opportunities – The Oceanna is designed with the impeccable function to inspire through innovation.  Residents, workers and visitors alike are invited to enjoy an unrivalled 360-degree experiencen– one that is yet to be seen in the region, and a match for its global mixed-use counterparts.

Whether overlooking the blue expanse of the Atlantic Ocean or the extensive greenery of Victoria Island – this is a community with an innate connection to Lagos, encouraging business synergy and convivial community.

About Lagos

Lagos, ‘the center of excellence’, encapsulates Nigeria’s evolution – it is an engine room behind the country’s drive towards the future.
As the largest city on the African continent, with a population of about 21 million people – Lagos is a diverse and electric city that acts as a powerful business hub in the region and is one of the fastest growing cities in the world.

With a burgeoning central business district, that is home to the country’s banking, finance and corporation headquarters, Lagos is clamouring for modern developments that accurately reflect its professional populace.
But residents want more. They want to reshape the geography of the city while showcasing Nigeria’s economic potential. They want a revolution in lifestyle design that can be brought about by the mixed-use development in Lagos (Nigeria) luxury homes and commercial zones.

About Nigeria

While consistently progressing through dynamic social, political and economic transformations, Nigeria is evolving. It is hope and aspiration that drive it onto the world stage.

A new reality is dawning. Nigeria is no longer simply a regional power. Its status as the ‘Giant of Africa’ is contingent on its growing economy and diverse population. And, with the growing fiscal gravitas recognized by the World Bank, Nigeria’s influence in Africa is set to extend all over the world.

Being home to one of the largest youth populations on the earth, Nigeria heralds a new era of optimism encouraged by the millennial generation that strives to revolutionize the country with its uniqueness and vision. Today Nigeria is a fertile ground for innovation and bravery. It is a place, where iconic people flock to shape the future.

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