Co-Ownership Scheme

What is a Bonded Investment Within The Oceanna Bonded Investment?

The Oceanna hotel bonded investment gives you the opportunity to co-own a Hotel Studio unit with a maximum of 20 subscribers.

Each studio consist 20 Lots and an investor can buy a minimum of 1 Lot.

Why should I participate in the Bonded Investment?

The hotel room rate has been conservatively used at the discounted N96,000/night for the purpose of the analysis above, with a 30% year on year increase.

The occupancy rate is from a minimum of 68% with an annual increase of 7% in the 2nd year of operation and a stable 2% in subsequent years.

Return on investment in The Oceanna Hotel Apartments is at an average of 30% per annum which includes average yield of 15% over a 4 year period from the first year of operation and year on year capital appreciation of 15%.


How do I participate in this cycle of the Bonded Investment Scheme?

You can co-own a luxury hotel room with a minimum of N7.9M. Tailored payment plan available.

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